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Welcome to the official web site for Dr Charles Eugster, who at the age of 93 is Worlds' fittest Nonegenarian and the oldest competitive oarsman and bodybuilder in the world.


He has recently won the World Strenflex Title yet again, and won another 3 gold medals at the World Masters Rowing Regatta in Duisburg- if he can do it so can you!


Charles is an evangelist for exercise in old age and is convinced that physical training in advanced years is the key to longevity and a dramatically enhanced lifestyle in later life. He says: "Anyone can do it..."


"Your body can be rebuilt at any age- and your life transformed!"


He can even point to a reversal in the aging process that has occurred since he seriously began body building- hair on some parts of his body has changed colour from white back to the original brown


For over a decade, Charles has competed in the World and European Masters rowing championships and every year he has won one or more gold medals. 3 years ago year, in Vienna, he also received special recognition as the first ever nonagenarian competitor.




In 2010, Charles began a third career (previously he was a dentist and later a publisher) as a personality, when he signed a contract with the INJOY chain of fitness clubs to help promote the brand and the benefits of fitness training in old age. 


In 2008 Charles won the World Strenflex (General Fitness) Decathlon Championships in Switzerland in the 80+ category, as the oldest contestant ever, aged 89. In June 2009 he won the Van Der Merwe Cup, an international fitness decathlon in Basel, with the highest number of points scored by anyone in any age group.  In November 2009 he was crowned Strenflex Swiss Champion, scoring a higher number of points in every exercise than he did a year before and in 2010 in Essen he scored the highest number of points ever in a Strenflex competition.  He said: "Even at  90 my body is still improving!   This is revolutionary!"


Charles became interested in bodybuilding at the age of 87 after introducing heavy weights into his training regime. At that time he noticed dramatic improvements in his rowing performance. Recently (since turning 90), he has undergone hypertrophy training, whereby the muscles are worked to exhaustion, and he has again seen substantial improvements. After the initial four week programme, his strength increased by up to 50%, as measured by the amount of weight he could shift with specific muscle groups.


In his home country, Switzerland, and around the world Charles has become a celebrity, appearing on prime time television as a subject of documentary features and as a talk show guest.  He also appears as a speaker at conferences and other events.  He is tri-lingual in English, French and German.


Please click on the video below to see Charles wakeboarding for the first time, aged 87 at one of the launch events of the social networking site